Ovindoli is a favorite destination for those who love the winter season, a reference point for those who want to spend their vacations in the snow. Located in the Sirente-Velino Park, it is known throughout Italy for the ultra-modern ski facilities of Monte Magnola, in a wonderfully beautiful setting.

The 21 available slopes cover about 30 km, all served by 11 modern lifts and the longest treadmill in Europe, 235 m. The resort of Ovindoli also offers interesting cues for cross-country skiers, with trails ranging from Piani di Pezza to the beautiful beech forests of Valle Cerchiata. Not far from Ovindoli is the hamlet of Santa Jona, an ancient village with a medieval tower, now home to the sun and star observatory.

Celano Gorge

The only example of a canyon in Central Italy, the Celano Gorges are a very picturesque place that unites and touches three villages, Celano, Ovindoli and Aielli. A destination for hikers, trekkers and nature lovers, one can enter the gorges on foot between two high and very close together rock walls, which in some places reach 190 m. in height and 3 m. in width, rocks eroded by time and especially by the course of water. One of the most sought-after destinations of the so-called "Traverse of the Gorges " (6-7 km) is the Fountain of the Lovers, a characteristic point where the water cascades down following the profile from the rock. The route, initially light, leads right to this picturesque place, where one can stop for a break before continuing to the ruins of the ancient Celestine monastery of San Marco in Foce. The traverse concludes with the final section, which also turns out to be the hardest, but still doable, leading all the way to Valle D'Arano.

Celano Historic Trail

The Historic Trail is a wonderful nature trail that crosses the Serra di Celano, passing from the ancient medieval Celano, destroyed in 1223 by Emperor Frederick II, to the rock face for climbing, and finally to the little church of the Alpini. The trail, not far from the historic center of Celano, is a walk within the forest present in Monte Tino (Serra di Celano), in which departure and arrival are marked by a wooden board with naturalistic and historical description. It is developed on three routes: short, medium and long, distinguished by the coefficient of difficulty. It always starts from the state road leading to Ovindoli.